Keep Showing Up

I’ve never written about 9/11. I can usually avoid thinking about it, until I turn the calendar page to September. My eyes always go to the square with the 11th first, until I tear my eyes [...]

Enjoying My OCD

My entire nature rebels against routine. I want to be spontaneous, unfettered, free. But there’s a strong part of me that craves routine (much to my chagrin). The profession (and therefore [...]

On the Road

Yesterday I returned from a week in the Marlborough Sounds, a week after I returned from spending a month in the States. The Sounds was an assignment for a magazine, writing a piece on hiking, [...]

One Year in Paradise

One year ago today I moved to Wanaka! I first encountered this corner of the world on my first assignment for National Geographic Traveler Magazine and promised myself that, one day, I would live [...]

hall of mental cultivation
The Hall of Mental Cultivation is part of Beijing’s Forbidden City. Emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) lived, worked, read and worshiped there….which is basically what I do in my home office, on a much less grand scale. But I love the name.