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“Maybe everything. End up with nothing.” – Jeff Noon

Clinging to a rock wall opens up opportunities to assess your choices. And to make choices: choose your direction. Choose to forge ahead. Choose to give up. Choose to freeze and hope the moment passes.

I’m a forge-ahead kind of person, often at my peril. From a young age, I’ve gone after what I want. Stubbornly. Sometimes foolheartedly. I’ve aimed for the stars and I’ve even caught a few.

The problem is that my tenacity was rewarded. Once you’ve caught a star, you want another. You also realize that falling hurts, but isn’t fatal. The reward outweighs the risk.

And so I search for the next toe-hold, whether that leads me forwards or back, trying to wise up about my decision-making, grateful I have the choices that I do.

I believe it’s better to try. Maybe everything. End up with nothing.