The Weekly: A Flash of Summer

The Weekly – 30th January 2017 Last week beat me up. I pulled off my two deadlines, and my editors are pleased with the stories, which is a crushing weight lifted. I never appreciate how [...]

The Weekly: Two Years in Wanaka

The Weekly – 23 January 2017 It’s our two-year anniversary of living in Wanaka! I first stumbled across this tiny alpine town with my sister Erin, while on my first assignment for National [...]

The Weekly: Being Still

The Weekly – 17 January 2017 I’m not good at being still. I never have been. Whenever my life is quiet, peaceful, routine, I do something to rattle that cage. I’m not sure if I [...]

2017 – The Return of The Weekly

The Weekly – 10th January, 2017 For the first 10 years I lived in New Zealand I wrote an email blog for close family and friends. I called it The Weekly. As I was completely absent from [...]