2017 – The Return of The Weekly

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The Weekly – 10th January, 2017

For the first 10 years I lived in New Zealand I wrote an email blog for close family and friends. I called it The Weekly. As I was completely absent from social media, it was my way of keeping in touch. I wrote about my adaptation to a new country, my (mis) adventures, my day-to-day routine. As I became busier, the Weeklies became less and less frequent, finally dissolving altogether.

I miss¬†writing them. They were more in-depth than a Facebook or Instagram post, yet less composed then an ‘official’ blog or article. They were my life in the raw, an electronic journal of sorts.

So I’ve decided: 2017 is going to be the Return of the Weekly. I’ll try to post something early in the week, so check back if you’d like to follow along. (I’ll also post them on my social media accounts – Carrie Miller Writer.) The stories will be less structured and more real-time.

For this week, I wanted to share a note my mother discovered while cleaning out her basement over the holidays. It’s from my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Pavelka, and it’s funny how some things never change. I won’t go so far as to say my writing is great, but my spelling and neatness still give me trouble. I still don’t take my time. I have, however, tried to learn how to self-edit, as proof-readers are expensive, and professional editors get cranky if you expect them to catch your mistakes.

This is a big deadline week for me, hampered slightly by a case of summer flu, which strikes me as unfair. (Sickness should be limited to cold, grey days only.) I’m finishing up a story on Nepal for National Geographic Traveler Magazine, and tomorrow – flu or no flu – I’m heading into the wilderness with the Wanaka Search and Rescue team for an upcoming story for Wilderness Magazine.

2017 strikes me as a year full of opportunities, which is both exciting and paralyzing, like staring down a buffet: where do I even begin? I’m excited to crack into this year, I’m grateful (so very, very grateful) for opportunities, and I’m going to try and remain optimistic about the world at large, although that’s difficult some days. Most days, lately.

Have a good week, and I’ll write more next week.